We tasked Ian Russell with returning to a carp fishing venue he hadn’t seen in some 10 years, to see if he could slip the net under some of the now much larger residents.

The Islands Carp Fishery is a 4-acre lake located on Barrow Street, near Mere in Wiltshire. It was opened to anglers in 2010 and has quickly become a popular destination for carp anglers from all over the UK.

This carp fishery in Wiltshire was painstakingly planned and designed to offer an abundance of features in every peg while minimising 'my water' conflict between anglers, the lake contains no fewer than 6 islands and 12 spits, shaped and positioned in such a way that each of the 12 swims has its secluded bay.


The lake is generously stocked with around 350 beautiful carp, all sourced from Tony Campbell's bio-secure fish farm. These carp typically weigh in the mid to high double digits, and there is a healthy population of fish exceeding 20 pounds. Furthermore, the lake boasts several known thirty-pounders, with the current record standing at an impressive 36 pounds and 1 ounce. This means there's a good chance of landing a truly remarkable catch!

The Islands Carp Fishery is a challenging lake to fish, but it is also a very rewarding one. The carp are well-conditioned and fight hard, making them a great prize for any angler.

Dan Murrell and Ian Russel set-up in adjoining swims to enjoy a welcome social but more importantly to outwit some of these carp and show just why The Islands Carp Fishery is a venue that must be on your bucket list!

To book your day ticket online at The Islands Carp Fishery, visit the fishery profile on the Catch booking platform. Don’t miss out on a chance to fish at this spectacular carp fishery in Wiltshire - https://www.gocatch.fish/profile/e6fb...